PMI Property Star - Property Management at 20406 Brian Way Unit 3E, Tehachapi, CA 93561

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20406 Brian Way Unit 3E, Tehachapi, CA 93561
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+1 805-979-2588


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Monday 12:00pm — 05:00pm
Tuesday 12:00pm — 05:00pm
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  • Trevor Walker
    Oct, 27 2018
    ★ ☆ ☆ ☆ ☆
    Since this company is listed both under the general Re/Max and also is listed separately for property management (it is the same business) I am including the review I originally posted on the main listing.

    As Tehachapi resident for the last two years I recently (March 2016) spent a weekday helping a good friend who was looking to relocate to the Tehachapi area and was looking for a rental property in or around Tehachapi. The Re/Max rental agency/real estate was one of our earlier stops.

    I can only comment about my interactions, not their ability to handle actual transactions. But, based on my initial impressions and interactions I would be extremely against moving forward with this company if this is how the forward face of the business is.

    My friend had tried reaching out to Lola Traylor for a couple days without avail, so we decided to stop by the office. The gentleman at the front desk was not very helpful and also informed us that we would both have to fill out a rental application before we could see any properties. I said I did not plan to fill one out because I lived here, and after a pause he stated he did not see any way I was not going to have to fill one out in a bit of a rude tone. All of our interactions from this point forward he spoke with a rude tone/demeanor. I more clearly stated I already owned a home locally and had no intention of filling out the application. He then finally got it and said ok then just my friend would. I also asked for clarity on why they would want someone to submit personal information in an age of identify theft, before even being allowed to visit a property. He did not know or refused to give any answer and just said that was their practice. With that we left and I attempted to call Ms. Traylor on the phone directly, she did not answer so I left a voicemail asking if we could see a property and asked if there was a way to do so without submitting such potentially risky information, or at the very least some reason why she would expect someone to provide social security numbers etc. for just a showing. About 4 hours later I received a text message from her which said they were not showing the listed property and then asked me to fill out the credit application and then after that I could call back.

    The key counterpoint to this is we then went across the street to Coldwell Banker. They were EXTREMELY helpful and friendly. They had heard about the Re/Max policy and even explained why they thought they might do it (your competitor was more helpful about your own business than you... sad day as a company).

    Few facts about me, I have worked in a number of businesses which required good customer service skills. Today I am a manager with a good number of staff under me. If any of my staff behaved as this office has they would be written up. I expect to be selling the house I own now in Tehachapi AND buying a new house to upgrade. I now know one company I will not ever list or buy with. So not only has this cost loss of a potential rental customer but also potential sale and purchase of a home. I will most assuredly let anyone I encounter know to avoid this agency. I am not sure what happened since people were posting such positive reviews, but something has gone afoul.
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